Our Services

Mobile App Development

We offer the creation of mobile applications for hand held devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital or mobile phones. We cut across all Operating System such as Android, Apple OS, and Blackberry OS.

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Web Development

We Develop Tailor-Made Websites and Web Applications for all types of Firms. We have no limits to the tools and programming language at our disposal.

Game Development

Easyace Synergy produces games of different genres, fun, educative and spritual. Games for all categories of people and ages.

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IT Consulting

We Provide IT Consultancy which consist of, Troubleshooting of ICT Equipment to Installation, Maintenance and Repairs. We also give professional advice on how to undertake, execute and manage in the ICT Field.

e-Business Solutions

Easyace Synergy create and easy and effective way of handling daily operations in the Business by creating a Web Application. We also solve a lot of hassle and cost for the company through this platform.

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Biometrics System

We are able and capable of Installing, Configuring Bio Data Capture Systems (eye, face, hand, chip etc.) for establishments.

Bulk Hardware Supply

We also engage the Bulk supply of ICT Gadgets and Tools such as Laptops, Desktops, Phones, Laptop Desk, Detachable Webcam, Tablets and many more for a cheap and affordable price.

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Custom Software Creations

Easyace Synergy Create customized softwares such as Accounting Softwares, Estate Management Softwares, School Management Softwares and any software the suits the Client Taste and specifications.

Corporate Branding

Our Graphic Designers produce the best designs for Company Logo, Business Cards, Flyer Designs, Brochure Design, Customized Product Branding and also the production of all of them.

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Profit Sharing

Easyace Synergy offers a good profit sharing for our products in order to give back to the community and also encourage customers to patronize us.

Unrealistic Deadlines

We have an expertise in meeting unrealistic deadline given by our clients derived out of urgency.


Regular Customers often qualify to receive discounts from our products and services.

Free Access

Faithful Clients are given free registration whenever we are organising any conferences, seminars and Training Programs.

Suite 104, National Engineering Center, NSE Building,Central Business District. FCT, Abuja. +234 704 6226 625