Who We Are?

Easyace Synergy is a corporation charged with the responsibility of eradicating the burden of daily stressful activities by developing tailor-made solutions and cloud software through which corporations and individuals can acquire their daily needs and achieve their goals with ease.

Through this esteemed corporation, we have also decided to promote the cashless policy and enhance lives by creating a bridge to link consumers of social amenities to producers of such amenities through an easy online means. This will seal the gaps between desires, needs, wants with the substance to be acquired therefore ensuring ease of purchase and swift acquisition with piffling efforts.

We also seek to be major contributors to the emanation of the global village which has been responsible by the production of digital solutions.

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We run to automate by:

  • Creating easy access for customers to meet producers
  • Creating codes to beat the manual system
  • Making the online packages affordable to engage voluminous participation
  • Cutting down processes to the minimum in the domestic and corporate sector


We were established to automate the manual process by which corporations and individuals embark on their respective duties by creating a comprehensive online platform that can ensure a high rate of efficiency, professionalism and speed.

Our Core Values


We help individuals and corporations create solutions that will solve their problems. We do this by not just directly solving the problem but also coming up with mind-blowing ways of solving the problem.


This is the most important core value we hold as we believe that anything that must be made must be simple in order to have ease in usability and design.


We don’t believe in mediocrity, ‘if anything must be done; it must be done well’, that is our watchword as we not only seek to satisfy customers but also to take them through a memorable experience with us.


The Corporation is a faith-based business that believes in God and has a strong devotion to the Word of God. With this in mind, we don’t just operate as a mere business but see the importance of everyone and adhere to the laws of Nigeria.


Every staff in Easyace Synergy operates like a family and just official buddies. We believe in creating a friendly atmosphere to promote creativity, depending on each other which aids our performance of work.


We believe in hard work and smart work, everyone fit to work at Easyace Synergy must possess the virtue of being able to work under high pressure.

Suite 104, National Engineering Center, NSE Building,Central Business District. FCT, Abuja. +234 704 6226 625