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Welcome to Easyace Synergy where all your Domestic problems have been solved, Yes i mean SOLVED. We profer you with electronic platforms that will simplify your life and solve all your corporate needs electronically. We stay unparralleled in the field of Information Technology

Easyace Synergy is a corporation charged with the responsibility of eradicating the burden of daily stressful activities, thereby creating electronic platforms through which corporations and individuals can acquire their daily needs and achieve their goals with ease.

Why Choose Us?

Easyace Synergy is not an option but a requisite for your IT needs because...

We are Affordable

Easyace Synergy creates a very comfortable payment procedure/plan for her product/services. Our main aim is not make money from our clients but rather grow the company in Value and Finance through the marriage of our product with the company.

We Are Proficient

The Technical Team of Easyace Synergy poses as the Best in the World as we are endowed with People Specialized with Various Skills coming together in Harmony to create wonders that have not been seen before. Our Power/Technical Department not only exist to satisfy the needs/desires of our clients but also to exceed thier expectation. No Job is Complete without a WOW!

We are Reliable

The series of companies that come to us has proven that we are trustworthy. We also Deliver on time and meet unrealistic deadlines just to prove our wits and Capability.


Our Clients